Safety Tips: Driving on Freeways

Freeways are the fastest way to get around town when you live in an area that has a high population with many drivers. Not only do the rates of speed exceed those on normal streets, but freeways are also much more streamlined, as everyone is going in one direction at all times.

There are many factors that can keep you safer while you and your loved ones drive on the freeways across the state.  Here are a few tips:

Always watch far ahead. There are many drivers who “peep out” of the windshield to just see what is right in front of the car. Do not do that. If you do, the chances for a hazard increase tenfold. Always look up and try to see as far as you can. You do not have to worry if you cannot make out the details, since that is not necessary. If you look ahead, you will be able to see if there are any cars entering the lane before you, or where the lane merges with another. It will also help you to see which cars are slow so that you can cross them and drive on. (However, caveat:  make sure that you do not drive looking through the windshield of the car in front of you.  You tend to then forget about the car in front of you.)

Watch the cars ahead of you to know what might be happening on the road. If the cars ahead of you are slowing down, it may be because a car has broken down, or may be the lane has been closed and so the cars are switching to another one. Always be alert while you are driving on the highway.

Whenever you are changing lanes, always make sure to do a head check. Do not rely solely on your mirrors so as to avoid blind spots. Just turn your head around for a while and look at the back. You cannot stare at the back for far too long. This is a trick that will require a little practice to master.

Always be aware of the cars around you and even behind you. Keep on checking the rear view mirror. If you had seen a car behind you but it is not there anymore, the probability is that it must have moved on to your side. Always see that you maintain almost two feet of distance from the other cars on your side, and always follow the two second rule in follow the cars ahead of you.

How do you exit from the highway? This is not very difficult, provided you take the precautions necessary. You simply cannot drive on, and then suddenly, without using the light indicators, you swerve to the left sharply and take the exit lane. This way you will end up causing an accident. Under Arizona law, you are required to “signal to traffic affected”.  Always count the exits before you arrive at the one that you will need to take. Inch closer, use your blinker, so that drivers behind you know that you are taking the exit.  Remember:  You know what you are doing, but they do not.  Accidents are avoided when confusion is avoided. 

When you are on the highway, and you miss the exit lane, never stop and turn around to take it! That would be disastrous. Be patient, drive on and then take the next exit lane. It takes more time, but a few extra minutes of time if far better than a lifetime of suffering for you or someone else for a serious accident avoided. 

These tips are for maintaining your safety and others too. You need to be cautious, and if you follow these tips, you and your loved ones be much more safe.