04/06: Weekend Closures

This weekend will have a little more traffic than usual on the roads. So please keep safe and enjoy your weekend! Below are the latest closures that we have news on to hopefully help you stay clear of any traffic during your busy commutes this weekend. If you have any extra closure that you do not see, please be sure to tell us in our contact us section. Once again everyone drive safe and have a great weekend!

Closure: Bridge closed from April 13 to April 15. West bound I-10 closed. All traffic will be detoured off 302 WB exit and back up the 302 on ramp. on Interstate 10 West-bound, from milepost 302, State Route 90 to milepost 303, State Route 90.

Begins: Fri Apr 13 18:00:00 MST 2012
Ends: Sun Apr 15 06:00:00 MST 2012

Closure: Closed from 9:00 P.M. Tuesday, to 5:00 A.M. Wednesday. For paint striping operations. I-10 entrance and exit ramps will remain open. Right turns open from WB Ruthrauff to the WB frontage road and EB frontage road to Camino del Cerro. on Ruthrauff Rd east and west-bound, at I-10.

Begins: Tue Apr 10 21:00:00 MST 2012
Ends: Wed Apr 11 05:00:00 MST 2012

Closure: Closed until August 26. Citrus Road will be closed in order to reconstruct the roadway and build a new westbound on-ramp and eastbound off-ramp. This work is part of the Loop 303 project. on Citrus Road north and south-bound, at Interstate 10.

Begins: Mon Mar 05 02:00:00 MST 2012
Ends: Sun Aug 26 07:30:00 MST 2012