Deadly crash closes westbound I-10 (UPDATED)

Interstate 10 westbound is closed temporarily near Arizona 143 in Phoenix after a collision and rollover left one person dead at 40th Street early Wednesday morning.  A white pickup was flipped upside down along the freeway barrier in the HOV lane. The collision happened shortly after 5:30 a.m.

The closure created significant backups on Interstate 10, Loop 202 and US 60, for those heading from the East Valley into downtown Phoenix. DPS spokesman Bart Graves said officials hope to have I-10 re-opened by 10:30 a.m.

For a time, traffic had been allowed through the area of the wreck with three lanes open. But even that caused rush-hour traffic to back up almost a mile after the collision.

After all lanes were shutdown, many streets in Tempe were filled or blocked by traffic. Several residents reported having problems getting onto nearby main streets because of the increased traffic throughout Tempe.

It was also not immediately known how many vehicles were involved or if there were any other injuries.

As an Arizona Personal Injury Lawyer the immediate question to ask is did somebody do something wrong?  Undoubtedly.  

Inattention?  Most if not all auto accidents occur because someone was inattentive, for one reason or another.  

Liability?  Without questions, although more facts need be known to determine who.  

There is little doubt that NO ONE feels good about this occurrence.  To those involved and affected, the issue of “who was at fault” may hold little meaning.  Someone died, and others will be affected for the rest of their lives.  

Our prayers go out to the families of those involved.