Friday's Blue Powder spill on I-10 Deemed Ammonia based Fertilizer

Just after 9 a.m. Friday morning, crews from the Northwest Fire District's Hazmat team were called to the on ramp of Eastbound Interstate 10 at Avra Valley Road after a report of a “blue powder” that was on the roadway after falling from a truck.

Arizona Department of Transportation crews were at the scene to begin clean-up when 2 members of the ADOT crew felt burning in their throats. Hazmat was called to attempt to identify the chemical and assess and treat the ADOT crew members.

After running field chemical analysis tests on the powder like substance, it was determined that the chemical was ammonia based fertilizer. Members of the Hazmat team, in protective Firefighting gear, were able to stabilize the chemical and re-open the roadway within 2 hours of the call.

Both members of the ADOT crew were assessed for injuries and released at the scene.