Three vehicles collide on Interstate 10 in west Phoenix

Traffic was slowed by a three-vehicle collision with possible injuries on Interstate 10 in west Phoenix on Thursday morning.

A vehicle traveling in a westbound lane crossed the median into oncoming traffic near 75th Avenue about 8:30 a.m., according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

The vehicle ended up on the embankment on the side of the eastbound lanes, according to DPS.
It was unclear how the vehicles collided and how severe the injuries were. No vehicles rolled over, DPS said.

Why do these crossover collisions keep happening?   Hasn’t ADOT learned enough information over the years to better understand it duties to protect the motoring public?

Auto Accidents happen all the time.  Most cannot be prevented, but for drivers being more attentive and careful.  However, these crossovers are a different animal.

Crossovers certainly occur as a result of driver error, but, ADOT knows this is going to happen.  Having knowledge, ADOT has a responsibility to design and maintain its roads in a manner that reasonably protects against the potential for crossovers.

No median barrier?  Put one in.

Improper placement of median barrier?  Put it in the right place.

Median barrier too short?  Raise it up

Crossover collisions rarely result in minor aches and pains.  They result in deaths, and as such, ADOT is compelled to do more, is reasonable, to prevent these from occurring.

There is no reason that these need to continue to happen.