04/11/13 - Packages poured out of a FedEx truck after a highway crash Thursday morning west of Phoenix.  Air15 video showed a FedEx truck along westbound Interstate 10 in the Tonopah area with the back ripped apart around 11:30 a.m.  Boxes were seen scattered all over the highway near milepost 95 about 50 miles west of downtown Phoenix.
The Arizona Department of Public Safety said the FedEx truck collided with another semi truck when one was speeding up and the other was slowing down.  One lane is blocked, causing a major backup.

 OK.  WHAT IS IT WITH TONOPAH AND ACCIDENTS???  If one did an investigation, I am certain the numbers of accidents in the TONOPAH area would be staggering in comparison to any other similar-length stretch of Interstate10.  

Why is this?  What is it about TONOPAH?  It is not a far drive from either Phoenix nor the California border, so there is no reason that fatigue alone is the reason.  Many, many serious accidents out there though.  Single vehicle, multi-vehicle, etc.....  Why?  Truly unexplained.  

Aliens?  Ghosts?  Arizona's own Bermuda Triangle?  Other.....?