Joshua Bia accused of second degree murder in I-10 crash

07/29/13 - A northern Arizona man is accused of second degree murder and other crimes in a deadly crash that forced the closure of part of Interstate 10 in Phoenix for about five hours Sunday. The Department of Public Safety says 26-year-old Joshua Bia of Chinle was arrested in connection with the Sunday morning accident that claimed the life of 28-year-old Krystie Johnson of Phoenix.

According to DPS spokesman Bart Graves, Bia was driving a car that was driving well over the speed limit and swerving through traffic before it collided with a pickup truck in which Johnson was a passenger. She was ejected. Grave says investigators believe Bia was impaired, but he declined to elaborate.

Generally, the law enforcement authorities to not press charges for mere “accidents”, no matter of the severity of the injuries that are sustained.

This equation changes when the evidence shows that the accident occurred due to stupidity, recklessness or the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Under the laws of the State of Arizona, there is no defense to one’s actions following a voluntary ingestions of alcohol or drugs. In addition, the ingestion of prescription drugs for medical purposes, if impaired driving results, can result in a DUI conviction as well. Whether a law enforcement authority would bring criminal charges for a prescription drug case is unknown. Each case is evaluated differently.

This case is very early investigation. Our prayers go out to the family of the deceased victim.