(UPDATE) 2 accidents close Interstate 10 near Casa Grande Now Open

11/6/13 - Interstate 10 has reopened west of Casa Grande after multiple crashes Wednesday morning.
According to the Department of Public Safety, a two-vehicle collision involving a tractor-trailer caused eastbound Interstate 10 to close near State Route 587.

The crash happened just before 2:30 a.m. when three ADOT workers were painting stripes on the roadway when a semi-truck driver says he did not see them. ADOT did have a truck with flashing lights and a move over arrow activated at the time.

Two workers in the back of the truck and one inside the truck were thrown from the vehicle. The vehicle rolled over numerous times.

The three ADOT workers were taken to the hospital for treatment and released.
The driver of the semi-truck has been taken off the road pending investigation of the accident.
A separate crash involving a tractor-trailer and a passenger car caused westbound Interstate 10 to close at State Route 387 for several hours.

This crash happened around 4:15 a.m. when a semi-truck was attempting to cross the median and a vehicle crashed into the side of the trailer.

Two people inside the vehicle that hit the truck were both transported the hospital with serious injuries.

The semi-truck driver was not injured. The driver was also taken off the road pending investigation on the accident.