I-10 Cross Over Fatalities Can Be Prevented: But Arizona doesn't do a thing about it. See the alarming statistics you didn't know.

10/24/14 - Yesterday, there was yet ANOTHER crossover fatality on Interstate 10 in Arizona, where at least one person was killed. These accident occur with alarming frequency.

One unnecessary death is 1 death too many. Can they be prevented?

 According to the State of Arizona’s own experts, the answer is YES, with 95% certainty. 

The answer: A barrier place in the dirt medians to separate the opposing directions of travel. 

They look something like this: 

How many accidents have there been? 

How many people have died? 

The statistics compiled are not completely up to date, and in general only apply to the stretch of Interstate 10 between Phoenix and Tucson. 

Over the course of last 10 years, we have compiled stats. 

Our research shows that there have been upwards of 50-60 deaths from crossover crashes between Phoenix and Tucson.

Our research also shows for as little as $50,000 per mile, or less than $10 million for the entire stretch between Phoenix and Tucson, these barriers could be in place. 

ADOT’s budge per year is $300 million. 

I’ll bet the loved ones of the 50-60 people who have been killed in these crossover accidents would be interested to know that less than 3% of a single year’s budget could have prevented the death of their family member?

If that cost were spread out over the 10 years ($300M x 10 = $3B / $10M) = .003% of the budget. That is 3/1000 of 1%.

Anyone have a problem with this?