Bicyclist causes accident on 1-10 at U.S. 60

02/03/15 - Okay.  WHAT???!!!!

What is a bicyclist doing riding on the freeway?  Is this allowed?
First, no.  It is illegal.
Second, it is incredibly stupid.
The story
A bicyclist riding eastbound on Interstate 10 at the U.S. 60 interchange triggered an accident on Monday night, according to an Arizona Department of Public Safety official.
The official said an eastbound driver swerved to miss the bicyclist and struck another vehicle.  It wasn't immediately clear whether anyone was injured.
Question:  Who is at fault?
Other than being there, did the bicyclist do something to cause car #1 to strike car #2, or was the sight of the bicyclist there so unusual that car #1 was distracted?
If the bicyclist is at fault, there may be coverage for the damages caused under a homeowners insurance policy.
If car #1 was simply distracted, then car #1 is at fault.
Either way, weird story and weird set of events. Very lucky here that no one was killed.

Moral:  If you want to ride your bike, stay off the Valley freeways.  Please.