A Weak Response From ADOT Regarding The I-10 Collisions in Arizona.

2/2/16 - According to the State’s own experts, median barriers between Phoenix and Tucson could prevent these collisions from increasing.  The State of Arizona’s own experts agree with 95% certainty that median barriers would indeed prevent crossover collisions on this dangerous stretch of the I-10.
Moreover, a previous State of Arizona study tracked 104 cross-median accidents where a barrier was in place.  The State found that the barriers redirected the errant vehicles in 103 of them.
Did you know that it would cost approximately only $7 million for the entire stretch of the I-10 between Phoenix and Tucson to have barriers put in place?  To save 70 lives, that is not a high price.
It sounds like a lot, but what if we told you that ADOT has a $300 million budget PER YEAR…
What’s their excuse?  Answer: they have none.