ADOT: Eastbound lanes on I-10 near Eloy reopens after Thursday wrong-way crash

03/17/16 - Eastbound Interstate 10 has partially reopened Thursday morning after a wrong-way crash shut it down for four hours.
Arizona Department of Transportation said there is still a traffic backup and it will take time for that backup to clear. 
The wrong-way crash happened just before 3 a.m., according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety. A vehicle was traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes and crashed into a semi-truck near Picacho Peak.
DPS said the wrong-way driver was unresponsive at the scene and flown to the hospital with critical, life-threatening injuries. DPS said the driver may have been impaired, but the investigation is on-going.
There are a whole lot of issues to consider here:
1.       What was the mental state of the wrong way driver?
2.      Was the wrong way driver impaired by drugs or alcohol?
3.      Was the wrong way driver impaired for medical reasons?
4.      How familiar was the wrong way driver with the area where he/she entered the highway?
5.      Was the off-ramp properly signed by ADOT?
6.      How long was the wrong-way driver on the highway?
7.      How long did the AZ DPS know of it?
8.      What actions were taken once the AZ DPS learned of it?

We are seeing more and more incidents of wrong way drivers on our state highways.  What is law enforcement doing about it?

When they have the obligation to keep us safe and they know this is happening, what are they doing about it?

What did they do here?  Could they have done something?

The investigation continues……