5/25/2017 - Three people were injured when two semi-tractor trailers and a passenger vehicle crashed — the semis catching fire on Interstate 10 west of Tucson Monday, May 22. 

The crash occurred when a westbound commercial truck-tractor that was pulling a semi-trailer had its front left tire fail. The driver lost control and the semi rig entered the depressed dirt median and rolled onto its side and entered the eastbound traffic lanes. 

The rig struck another commercial truck-tractor tanker head on, and a passenger vehicle also became involved in the crash. A fire erupted and destroyed the truck. The number of deaths that have occurred—and continue to occur on Interstate 10 from cross-over crashes is staggering. 

There is a simple fix that the Arizona highway department knows about, but for some reason, refuses to implement. It looks like this: Cable median barriers save lives. 

There is no dispute. The State of Arizona’s own experts admit that median barriers are 95% effective in preventing these cross-over crashes. So why does the Arizona highway department refuse to install these in Interstate 10? 

Zachar Law Firm has represented the victims of these tragedies. Two different Maricopa County juries have determined the State to be negligent and have awarded families millions of dollars in damages for the deaths of their loved ones on Interstate 10 from cross-over crashes. 

They determined that these were completely preventable.