ADOT maintenance responsibilities

The Phoenix Maintenance District is divided into five separate service sections: Roadway, Landscape, Electrical Operations, Traffic Engineering and Administrative Services. Each section is distinct and contains one or more stand-alone organizations, known as “Org’s”. Each Org is responsible for a specific geographical area or work function. Currently there are 20 separate Org’s in the Phoenix Maintenance District.

The District’s maintenance responsibilities encompass a wide variety of activities; with duties as diverse as snow removal and desert landscaping. We maintain approximately 3267 maintenance lane miles of roadway; 4,879 acres of landscaping; approximately 138 miles of drainage channels, canals, tunnels and storm water retention ponds; 100 miles of tri-cable median barrier; more than 6200 impact attenuators and sand barrels; and over 80 miles of sound walls. The additional features that must be maintained have risen dramatically. This trend will continue due to the accelerated construction program in the Valley.