Arizona Accidents at a glance

The Arizona Department of Transportation released Motor Vehicle Accident Facts for 2010. Here is a quick look below of these alarming statistics.

- Approximately 2.09 persons were killed each day

- One person was killed every 11.50 hours

- One person was injured every 10.50 minutes

- Alcohol related crashes accounted for 5.17% of all crashes and 30.09% of all fatal crashes

- Of all alcohol related crashes, 78.23% occurred in urban areas and 21.77% occurred in rural areas, while 58.57% of all alcohol related fatal crashes occurred in urban areas and 41.43% occurred in rural areas.

- Single vehicle crashes accounted for 17.42% of all crashes and 41.12% of all fatal crashes

- Of all pedestrian crashes, 10.77% were fatal while 0.99% of pedal-cycle crashes were fatal

- Crashes which occurred during daylight hours (6am to 6pm) accounted for 73.6% of all crashes

- Motor vehicle crashes resulted in $2.668 billion in economic losses to Arizona

- Children age 14 and younger were account for 31 fatalities and 3,881 injuries in motor vehicle crashes.